2015-04 FVC Cuboree/Campover


Below are a series of pictures from the Fraser Valley Council Cuboree/Campover, held April 11-12, 2015 at Camp McLean, Langley, B.C. Photo credit: Scouter Jason Buck, 1st Haney Troop

DSC_1576 altDSC_1578 altDSC_1580altDSC_1582 altDSC_1592 altDSC_1595 altDSC_1597 altDSC_1599 altDSC_1603 altDSC_1604 altDSC_1606 altDSC_1608 altDSC_1611 altDSC_1612 altDSC_1615 altDSC_1618 alt
DSC_1625 alt
DSC_1620 altDSC_1626 altDSC_1632 altDSC_1637 altDSC_1643 altDSC_1646 altDSC_1652 altDSC_1657 altDSC_1660 altDSC_1664 altDSC_1668 altDSC_1673 altDSC_1674 altDSC_1677 altDSC_1680 altDSC_1682 altDSC_1684 altDSC_1687 altDSC_1689 altDSC_1691 altDSC_1699 altDSC_1704 altDSC_1717 altDSC_1721 altDSC_1723 altDSC_1724 altDSC_1726 altDSC_1731 altDSC_1733 altDSC_1734 altDSC_1736 altDSC_1740 altDSC_1741 altDSC_1743 altDSC_1744 altDSC_1745 altDSC_1747 altDSC_1748 altDSC_1754 alt


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