2015-02 Area Rally Day


The following are pictures/videos from the Three Rivers Area Rally Day (Feb 14) at the Albion Fairgrounds in Maple Ridge, as well as registration (Feb 11) at the Golden Ears United Church. Rally Day was attended by all Sections and most Groups from the Area.

The following document is a list of participants and winners, for speed and design: 2015_Rally_Day_Official_Results.xlsx


DSC_1071 alt (640x425)DSC_1070 alt (640x425)DSC_1068 alt (640x425)DSC_1067 alt (640x425)DSC_1066 alt (640x425)DSC_1065 alt (640x425)DSC_1064 alt (640x425)DSC_1062 alt (640x425)

Rally Day Pictures:

Winner-Scout Truck 3rd SpeedWinner-Kub Kar 1st Speed
Winner-Scout Truck 3rd Design tie 2Winner-Scout Truck 3rd Design tie 1Winner-Scout Truck 2nd Speed 1st DesignWinner-Scout Truck 2nd DesignWinner-Scout Truck 1st SpeedWinner-DSC_1327 altWinner-DSC_1324 altWinner-DSC_1320 altWinner-DSC_1317 altWinner-DSC_1316 altWinner-DSC_1314 altWinner-DSC_1297 altWinner-DSC_1296 altWinner-DSC_1287 altWinner-DSC_1286 altWinner-DSC_1282 altWinner-DSC_1269 altWinner-DSC_1264 altWinner-DSC_1194 altCO2 Race-DSC_1220 altDisplay-DSC_1216 alt
Trophies-DSC_1134 altDisplay-DSC_1178 altDisplay-DSC_1131 altDisplay-DSC_1129 altDisplay-DSC_1128 altDisplay-DSC_1127 altStart-DSC_1295 altStart-DSC_1277 altStart-DSC_1273 altStart-DSC_1272 altStart-DSC_1271 altStart-DSC_1212 altStart-DSC_1211 altStart-DSC_1209 altStart-DSC_1207 altStart-DSC_1206 altStart-DSC_1204 altStart-DSC_1197 altStart-DSC_1192 altStart-DSC_1181 altStart-DSC_1180 altStart-DSC_1179 altStart-DSC_1176 alta_StartStart-DSC_1172 altStart-DSC_1167 altStart-DSC_1166 altStart-DSC_1160 altStart-DSC_1155 altStart-DSC_1144 altRocket-DSC_1255 altRocket-DSC_1254 altRace-DSC_1186 altRace-DSC_1135 alt
Race-DSC_1138 altRace-DSC_1267 altDSC_0272 h
CO2 Race-DSC_1225 altBeavers-DSC_1154 altBeavers-DSC_1147 altDSC_0262DSC_0261DSC_0279DSC_0278DSC_1150 alt
DSC_0277 hDSC_0276 hDSC_0263 hDSC_0265 hDSC_0267 hBeavers-DSC_1152 alt


Speed-60/CO2 Racer Outdoors
Speed-60/CO2 Racer Indoors
Kub Kar Race #1
Kub Kar Race #2
Speed-60/CO2 Race
Pre-Rally Day Speed-60/CO2 Racer Video


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