2015-01 Area Beaver Skills Camp/Sleepover


The following are pictures from the 2015 3RA Beaver Skills Camp held at Camp Whonnock from Jan 17-18th; attended by: 1st Whonnock, 1st West Heights, 1st Pitt Meadows, 1st Haney, 1st Laityview and 4th Mission.  Several Venturer Companies including the 24th Medical Venturers operated stations for the Beavers (i.e. first-aid, knots, tent setup/etiquette, campfire etiquette, etc).

IMG_20150118_095033IMG_20150118_095005IMG_20150117_142424IMG_20150118_081145IMG_20150117_193146IMG_20150117_160044 IMG_20150117_161831IMG_20150117_142433 IMG_20150118_081150IMG_20150118_080542 IMG_20150118_080534



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