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#GoodTurnWeek 2016

GTW Logo 2Seven years ago, Good Turn Week was created to promote goodwill gestures both within Scouts Canada and in the community. Since its establishment, Scouts Canada has funded many Good Turn Week projects but the philosophy behind this week does not just include grand scale projects, it also consists of small acts of kindness such as opening a door for someone or buying someone a meal. These acts of kindness go a long way and do not go unnoticed.

Every year, Scouts have participated in this week, working together to help strengthen their society and keep it healthy. Good Turn Week takes place from April 22 to May 1, 2016, and all Scouting youth as well as youth in the community are encouraged to participate.

As the founder of Scouts, Lord Baden-Powell has said “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others” The 1st Haney Beaver Scouts are fulfilling this vision completely.

PicThis year one of the Groups in Three Rivers Area is participating as one of the official projects in this years’ national campaign. The 1st Haney Beavers along with help from older youth and other section Scouters will be revitalizing the garden outside of the Rehabilitation Unit of the Ridge Meadows Hospital. Read about it on the Good Turn Week website:

What is your Group or Section up to?  Please share your plans and pictures with us!  Send a message on the 3RA facebook page here:


Program Quality Standards – Fall & Winter Cycles

Fall Cycle FALL CYCLE – As we reach the end of November, now comes the time to look at what was accomplished, and what challenges lie ahead during the WINTER CYCLE (December-February). To assist with your review and planning, the Program Quality Standards documents below will help guide you.


Important Camp Whonnock Discussion

scout_hallHello Scouters!

This is a friendly reminder that we have our monthly Area meeting coming up next week (Oct-28). This month is a little different though and we really need your help!

Can you please take a moment and think about how we all benefit from Camp Whonnock being in our backyard…

Remember your young Beaver Scouts face the time their first campfire “magically” started. The amazement in watching 90 Beaver Scouts from across the area come together for one night, to sing songs, tell stories, perform skits and yell their cheers; and of course, follow it up with the yummy goodness of mug up. And who can forget those campovers/sleepovers? I think all us Scouters dubbed them the “no sleep sleepovers”, but will always bring a smile to our faces when we think about it.

Now I want you to think about our Area Cub Scouts. Getting to camp at Whonnock. Use the Cub huts, learn some Cub Scout Skills like knife safety, fire lighting, the Cub first aid days and of course, the introduction into leadership with the FLEX sessions lead by our local youth.

And our Scouts. Camp Whonnock has now become a mainstay in their scouting program. From camps, to skills like orienteering, to service hours on work weekends, to borrowing the canoes for the day/weekend/week.

And who can forget us Scouters and our relationship with Camp Whonnock! Think of all the amazing training opportunities that have been offered here and the friends we have made in the process! We all do this for the kids and the program for them, but we all know deep-deep down, we LOVE this stuff and we all love Camp Whonnock!

So, you may ask now why am I bringing up all these awesome memories? What can I possibly need your help with? Well it’s simple. I need you, ALL Three Rivers Area Scouters, to attend the Area meeting on Wednesday night. Why? You ask… Because, as with most things now a days, we are needing to make a decision as to the camp’s future and we need your help, your ideas, your experience and skills and any other resources or connections you might be able to bring to the table. And we need to act NOW! Graham Walters, our Fraser Valley Council Commissioner, is our special guest for this area meeting and we are going to be discussing the future of Camp Whonnock and what we need to do to make sure that it is around for our current Beaver Scouts future Beaver Scouts or grand Beaver Scouts. We need to come together as an Area, as the great Scouters we all are, put our thinking caps on and come up with some ideas and strategies. We need as many of the Three Rivers Area Scouters involved in this as possible.

So, meeting information:

Where: Camp Whonnock
When: Wednesday October 28th
Time: 7PM Start
Will there be Coffee? YES
Will there be snacks and goodies? YES (but only if you tell me you are coming)

If you have any questions, please email me. And I need you to RSVP yes or no to this email please (and yes, I am prepared to call you all personally if I don’t hear from you so message me by end of day Monday October 26th)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

Christi Goncalves
Three Rivers Area Commissioner

Venturer & Rover Pilot Program


Dear Three Rivers Area Scouters,

As you may or may not already know, our area has been presented an exciting opportunity with regards to piloting how our Venturer and Rover Programs are set up.

At the beginning of the year, Caitlyn Piton (our Council Youth Commissioner for the Fraser Valley Council) participated in a National Leadership Team Conference in Ontario. One of the workshops was focused on the Venturer and Rover programs currently offered across the country and how it can be improved and bring it in line with the Canadian Path to offer our youth more program opportunities, more leadership opportunities, more “their” path as they become young adults. Sparked from this was the opportunity to pilot these ideas in the Three Rivers Area.

We have all been working towards the Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts moving their program onto the Canadian Path with the focus of youth Leadership, the time has come to now look at the Venturers and Rovers. I’ve attached the preliminary information from National for your review. In a quick summary, from polling the youth, the idea of the Canadian Path for the older sections is to create larger Companies and Crews, more opportunities for different adventures or “expeditions”. This starts by creating Companies and Crew that have a critical mass (or 10-12 or more youth).

Our first step was to ask the youth what they felt about this. We invited youth and advisors up to Whonnock Lodge last Thursday and presented the information provided to us from National. After the information was presented, Advisors joined me outside on the deck and the youth remained inside the hall with Cailtyn and Thomas (our Area Youth Commissioner). Each group were given the opportunity to speak openly about concerns or fear and ask questions about the presentation. Once all the questions were answered, the youth were given a chance to vote on how we, as an area, should proceed. Each Venturer was given one voting token and were asked to place it in a jar representing their vote to the following questions:

  1. Combine the Area Venturers into one Company. This company would have one “Business Meeting” a month. From this meeting, Venturers would choose different “expeditions” that they would like to partake in… options being but not limited to service projects, camping, hiking, social camps etc. Where each expedition would have a youth “leader” in place to take care of the organizing of the event.
  2. Creating an “East” and “West” Company which would see the area divided in half. These Companies would operate same as above, but with fewer members.
  3. Option three was to leave the larger Companies as they are; to then take the companies that were less than 10 and combine them together. This would have resulted in approximately 4-5 Companies across the Three Rivers Area.
  4. The youth were given the opportunity to say “NO” to this pilot project. To keep the Companies as they are now until directions come down from National, that changes would have to be made.

To be fair, the voting was held in two rounds. Votes counted after the first round removed the least voted for two options. With only two votes in each, Option 3 and Option 4 were removed from the voting table and we proceeded to another round of voting.

Second round of voting had all but one participate as one Venturer chose to abstain from voting. This resulted in a tie for both one area Company and the option to have an East and West Company. Rovers then also voted (with Caitlyn abstaining because she is the one who presented the information) who unanimously voted to create one group per section.

This meeting and this vote was a means to get the discussion started. As with the other scouting sections, we will be using the “Plan-Do-Review” method. We are now entering the planning stages to see how we can get the one area Company and one area Crew to work. We sent the youth and Advisors home to think about this as a Plan-Do-Review project and welcome any feedback, questions and constructive criticism.

We all know that change can be scary, especially to our youth. But this is our opportunity to be part of the change instead of being told how to change. If you are an advisor that missed the meeting on Thursday or if after talking with your Venturers, feel that more information is needed, please contact either Caitlyn, Thomas or myself. We are more than willing to come to your next meeting to sit down and talk a little more to your Company in a smaller setting.

The next step is that we will be calling another “all Venturer” meeting in September where the youth will be asked to vote again as to how they want to proceed.

I thank you all for your input into this and like I said, all comments, suggestions and constructive criticism with suggestions to improve are welcome.


-Christi Goncalves, Area Commissioner

#GoodTurn Week (Apr 25-May 3)


What will your Good Turn be this week?  Read about the campaign and community project challenge on the Scouts Canada web page at:

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