3RA Rally Day Wrap-up & Results (2016)

Rally Day Banner

Hard to believe it’s been a week since our Three Rivers Area Rally Day!

Beaver Cars… You Beaver Scouts and Scouters are the epitome of energy… well done on your Rally Day!  Three tracks full of Beaver Cars all day long… Beaver laughing, Scouters Laughing…. Looking forward to seeing all the designing and colorful creations that they will come up with for next year!

Kub Kars… Wow!  124 Kub Kars… And all TEN Cub Packs from across the Area represented!  Some amazing work done by the kids this year.  So much creativity and pride in their work.  Thank you to all the section Scouters, Parents, Relatives and neighbors who helped our Cub Scouts create these masterpieces.  And a big thank you to our Cub Scouts for all your input and dedication to complete these Cars.

Scout Trucks… Great Job Troop!  There were 32 entries this year into the Truck Races.  Some very intricate pieces of art flew down that track… from the Taco Fairies to the Narwhale… Circus animals to the Big Rigs…. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your entries next year.  A big thank you to all the Scouters and other Adults that mentored these Troop members along the way to complete this project.  It’s been great to see some of these youth progress from Beaver Buggies to Kub Kars and now Scout Trucks.

The BP Guild Concession… we… the youth and Scouters of the Three Rivers Area… would like to pass along a heartfelt THANK YOU to the members of the BP Guild that were there again this year to keep the scouters full of coffee, all our bellies full of lunch and all their support of our Rally Day.

And of course, we also need to recognize all the volunteers that came out to help put Rally Day together… members of the Pit Crew, the Photographer, the set up and tear down crew.  This day would not happen without you and your passion for the Rally Day event.

And last but definitely not least… I would like to recognize the Scouter that accepted the challenge to build the Rover Rocket… Who not only accepted the challenge, but put his own “spin” on the event.  A ROCKET TRUCK… 4… yes FOUR… D Sized Rocket Cell engines lodged into the trailer of a Scout Truck… One Beaver Track… One Blast Shield… One Fire Extinguisher… and now the bar is set for next year… Rocket Cars/Rocket Trucks… Thank you Scouter Jim!  And Lets see what we can come up with for next year!

Open to review race results: 2016_Rally_Day_Race_Results.xlsx
For pictures and videos Rally Day, CLICK HERE.

-Christi Goncalves, Area Commissioner


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