Rally Day 2016 (Feb 13)

Rally Day (b)One of the most exciting events of the year, the Area Rally Day, is coming up February 13th.

This event is for all sections who will be racing their Beaver Buggies, Kub Kars, Scout Trucks, Venturer Vehicles and Rover Rockets; there will also be special categories for Scouters and other adults. Early registration is required for some sections, read below for additional details.

***An on-site concession will be operated by the 31st Baden Powell Guild.  Hot dogs, chips, juice/water, tea/coffee, and banana bread! ($1-2/each).

Date: February 13, 2016
Location: Albion Fairgrounds, Maple Ridge, BC [MAP]
Registration: Vehicle Registration Due: February 10, 2016
At the Golden Ears United Church; 22165 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge, BC [MAP]
For some sections you must register your vehicles early at the GEUC on Feb 10th (excludes Beaver Buggies). Please refer to the rules and registration forms attached below.
Contact: Christi Goncalves | Email: c.goncalves@telus.net
Other Details: Beaver Buggies – Your buggies should be painted and ready to go; race times have already been assigned to your Group.

Kub Kars – Refer to the attached rules & registration form for details.
Details/Forms: Kub_Kar_Regulations_2016.docx

Scout Trucks – Refer to the attached rules & regulation form for details.
Details/Forms: Scout_Truck_Rally_Form_2016.docx

Venturer Vehicles – CO2 Cartridge Powered Kub Kars – This Category is open to all Venturer aged youth. Scouters, if you have a 3rd/4th year scout that is interested, they may enter this category if they also complete a Scout Truck. Spec sheet on cartridge and eyelet placement attached below. Vehicles must start with a Kub Kar Kit and Area will supply the cartridges for the race. Launcher will be available on registration night to make any last minute tweaks to design. No entry fee for this years rally competition.
Details/Forms: CO2_Racer_&_Measurements.pdf
eyelet 1 eyelet 2

Rover Rockets – Rocket Cell Powered Kub Kar – This is a new category this year. We had a demo of the rocket last year. Rules for this category are simple: Must start with a Kub Kar Kit, must be self-propelled up the track from the starting line, and most important, it must not damage the track; being conscious of safety, this race will happen outdoors at the fair ground and Rockets will be launched towards an open, empty field. Builder must supply the rocket cell for race day. No entry fee this year as we will consider this an exhibition event.

Scouter/Parent Cars – You may enter any race you wish in a “Scouter Built” category… Beaver Buggies… Kub Kars… Scout Trucks… Venturer Vehicles… Rover Rockets… If you have a parent/guardian/relative/grandparent that would also like to get their hands on a project and build one, they are welcome to build their own (this may help to solve the parent built “youth” entries we see). The more the merrier in the Scouter/Parent division of each race. There will be no race entry fees for Scouter/Parent built cars as you can’t put a price on bragging rights on building the fastest vehicle!


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