2015-16 Scouting Season Event Calendar


Several event calendars have recently been updated for the 2015-16 season. This information should help you plan your year. Please check back often for updates and new events.

Three Rivers Area (3RA) – Use the calendar to plan your year and include such events as Area Campfires, Cuboree/Beaveree, Social Camps, Sleepovers, etc. Check back for regular updates and future events requiring advance planning, such as Camp Black Tip and Camp Bear Claw. This calendar also includes 3RA/FVC TRAINING being offered to Scouters and some senior scout sections (e.g. Fast/Flex/Focus).

Fraser Valley Council (FVC) – Many of the events offered by the FVC have already been included in the 3RA calendar. The 3RA event page also includes a link to the FVC site.

Scouts Canada (National Calendar) – The national calendar has recently been updated with some of our favourite events and campaigns, including Popcorn, Scoutrees, Apple Day, JOTT, etc. Check with your Group to confirm participation. Some of these events have already been included in the 3RA calendar.

If you have any questions about the events, please contact the Area Service Team; or if available, the individual planning the specific event.


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