Camp Black Tip Wrap-up

Cub Scouts, Scouters and Bears! Oh My!

What an amazing weekend for all those that participated. First off, please join me in thanking all the volunteers that made the weekend possible: the BP Guild members, 24th Fraser Valley MedVents, Group/Section Scouters and our Parent Volunteers. What wonderful memories we help make for the youth in our groups.

And of course, a thank you to the black bear that will become larger and heavier each time the story gets told. I’m sure by now, the story has expanded to the Bear joining campfire and lead “Going on a Bear Hunt” for all the kids! But seriously… Kudos to all the Scouters out there that work hard to make our youth “bear aware” and were able to keep the kids calm. Knowledge is power and I thank each of you for your composure Saturday evening (even if some were nervous on the inside).

Last on the list of Thank You’s is a large shout out to Phil and the Scouter volunteers that all came together during the planning process to make this I think one of the best Black Tips yet!

While this was a competition camp and there was a winner, by no means were there any “losers”. The stations provided a large boost to badge requirements, Cub Packs all got a phenomenal team building camp and lots of amazing memories made. Each station awarded points based on Cub Knowledge, team work and participation. Points were tallied by a non-partisan group of volunteers (thank you MedVents) and here are the top Three point earners; congratulations go out to:

  • 1st Place – 1st Whonnock Pack
  • 2nd Place – 1st Haney Pack
  • 3rd Place – 1st Yennadon Pack

A “great job” goes out to the other packs that participated. The scores this year were so close that next year is anyone’s call. Keep up the good work and the team building in prep for next year.

I invite you all to email our Webmaster and facebook keeper your pictures of Black Tip so that we can create one Black Tip 2015 album for everyone to have a look at. Please make sure that photo consents are in place before emailing photos. Email:

Three cheers for everyone! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HORRAY! HIP HIP HORRAY!

-Christi Goncalves, Area Commissioner


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