3RA Rally Day Wrap-up & Results

Rally Day was once again an exciting event for both Youth and Scouters. From the Beavers busy racing on the 4 tracks outside, to the 103 Kub Kars that were in the Rally. Scouts really outdid themselves on the truck entries this year. 10 CO2 Racers flew across the floor and a Rocket gave us ideas for next year and what’s possible.

The Area Service Team would like to thank the volunteers that helped with Registration Day, set up, clean up and for running the race itself. A lot of volunteer hours went into this event and without Scouters like you, we would not have events like this.

We would also like to extend a Thank You to the members of our BP Guild. They volunteered to come in and be our judges for design this year and put together the concession stand for us… THANK YOU!

And of course, to the two members that were on hand from the local SPEED WATCH. You added an element to our CO2 Races that made it extra special. Who would have thought we could get a block of wood to accelerate to +60km/hour!

We are very proud of all the youth that took part in this Rally event. The pride in their work was very evident. Thank you to the Scouters and parents that took the time to help these youth realize they can build Kub Kars and Scout Trucks. We have also posted the official results (see below). If you have any questions, please let me know.

-Open to review race results: 2015_Rally_Day_Official_Results.xlsx
-For pictures and videos from Registration and Rally Day, CLICK HERE.

-Christi Goncalves, Area Commissioner


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